Week Two, Day Two: When Weather Reminds Me That I’m Not 21

Hey and hi πŸ™‚

I’ve noticed this year that I have been feeling a lot of Resistance to writing every day and not just for the poetry challenge. For every thing. Not enough to create stories or even notes via microphone, but almost there. 

I’ve been avoiding working at the high school because I get very little of my check after child support has taken its share. So I’ve been spending my days either doing art or working my fingers off trying to get several layers of paint off an old metal railing. Working fingers into mitts hasn’t paid yet, getting a reduced paycheck is better than nothing. So back I go…as soon as tomorrow perhaps.

I’m afraid of getting so stressed and worried and exhausted that I am getting stressed, etc. So I will jump back in at least a few days a week meaning that the drawings and “poetry” writings will still be on the fly πŸ™‚ Thank you for taking a moment with me. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram for the latest ink drawing.

I often dream of journeys within factories. Figure it is because I breathe painting and ink drawing.

I recognize dreams when they come back after they have been out of play for some time. Recognition gives me strength, even when the Muppets are chasing me. 

There they all are: Gonzo, Kermit and even Fozzie. Not sure what has angered them, but they like hornets. No matter where I hide, not even underwater, can I shake them. 

But then Fozzie tells a joke and he laughs, Woka Woka! One by one the Muppets walk away until it is just me and Gonzo. I ask him, “Will everything be all right?”

He gives me a sloppy nose kiss and says, “See you again soon.”

Featured image courtesy of Andre Mendonca

Day 8 Welcome to Week Two

Hey πŸ™‚

For those doing either/or (both) challenges, congrats on getting through the first week. I have done the October Poetry Challenge before, but it’s still difficult to come up with a “poem” every day. 

I used to do a different poetry form a day, but I seemed to have more time to ponder then. Or I’ve forgotten how hard it is lol. We are working on someone’s railing stripping off the paint and it makes us very dusty and dirty at the end of the day. 

I have drawn a very simple drawing tonight. Just the poem is left. Well, here goes:

Theme: How Could I Know

How could I know how fragile moments are with my cat, waking me up slowly..usually not with a butt in my face

She creeps behind me like a shadow, twirling her tail gently around my leg

How could I know mistakes I made a decade ago could change my right to drive a car, save money, get paid a full wage

She’s ten years old now, legally not her mom or dad’s child anymore

How could I know that living in the same house, caring for my husband’s grandmother could cause anger as well as gratitude and love

We just celebrated our first year of marriage and we are still committed to one another

Day Seven: I Made It Here! Just 21ish Days to Go…

Hey there πŸ™‚

Quick one tonight. Spent the evening finding books that I could disappear into. Found a few of them πŸ™‚ Currently munching on “A Memory of Violets” by Hazel Gaynor. It’s a historical fiction about the flower sellers on the streets in the late 1800s. 

Anyways.. Let me think of one quick:

There is still nothing so delicious (and scandalous!)

as a woman, aged thirty six,

disappearing into the backseat of my car

walking down the streets of London with my little friends calling out: 

Flowers for sale! Primroses in the Summer, Lavender in the Fall, Watercress in the Winter- when we have nothing at all. Flowers for sale!


Image of lavender thanks to Brigette Tohm

Day Six: Moved to Breathe

Hello! Happy Day Six. If you are doing #OctPoWriMo or #Inktober I just want to let you know that you are wonderous. Keep Going!!

I have both drawing and poem again for you. You can find drawing and poem on my Facebook album and Instagram account. 

Once, my shadows

blinded suffocated clenched

my heart mind eyes Self

So hard-I nearly died, no lie. My family left me to bury myself. But,

Writing moved my fingers. Arrested my shadows for ten minutes at a time. I could – for the first time –  feel the threadbare beat of my heart

Acrylic painted hands (too bright for shadows)

Breathed for me until I could do it for myself.


Day 5: Lesson Learned

The prompt on the OctoPoWriMo site was about lessons learned. After two pages of journal scribbles, it was difficult to create a poem about how I feel about the school system structure. At least how I experience it as a substitute teacher for our local high school..

I wish that all that I have learned

after the final high school bell 

could be gently wrapped up as a gift

so that you could choose for yourself

the life experience knowledge, lessons that would 

make you curious to try

instead of being pushed into life

without a net

Day 4: Where Poetry Hides

Poetry hides in:

my cat, Squeakers, mysterious eyes where she hides memories of her past just like I;

trapped within sealed sun faded boxes of an ancient childhood; within the notes of a Stevie Nicks song;

early evening sanding job when I become mesmerized by the electric sander, face mask and wood dust

You can find my #Inktober drawing here

Day 3: Stars Clothe

Stars clothe the wandering one beneath an ancient moon. 

A path split between moonlight and shadows of mist. She remembered her own shadows of tavern promises and basement doorways. 

A shadow turned blood and bone and smelling of stars whispers, 
“Come with me. I’ll dispose of your monsters, ” She watched him swallow church alters and Mother with her holy water. 

The stars lit the path before them. She fed him as they tread.


Don’t forget to visit my IG page or FB album to see my ink drawings! I have to say this in matters of word and line: Neither are perfect and I pride myself in the ability to see and still post them both. Thank you for all of your support πŸ™‚

Day Two: Why We Must Write

Hi πŸ™‚

Today I decided to make it easier on myself and use the official OctoPoWriMo page in order to grab some inspiration.

I haven’t done any timed writing since last NaNoWriMo (I feel like a word salad lol. This stands for National Novel Writing Month which starts November 1st). For ten minutes I wrote on the phrase: “We write because we must.”

My offering for today:

We write to:

release words in their wild, murderous state allow one to breathe

shadow, shapes and scenes grabbed from our feelers, like a butterfly and roach

draw together dreamers, just like what Kermit said.

to beat resistance and Perfection each day, even if there is nothing you consider worthwhile.

We write because we must.

Don’t forget to check my Instagram page for today’s InkTober drawing πŸ™‚

Photo Thanks to Tim Mossholder

InkToBer AND OctoPoWriMo!

Hi, my friends πŸ™‚

Generally I am not on here because I am still trying to work out the bugs. However, I decided that I wanted a dedicated area for the two challenges I am doing in October.

The first one, #inktober, is a new one to me. It is a place (Instagram, Facebook..really anywhere you can find the hashtag) where people sketch in ink during October. I am sure there is more to it, but I am learning as I go. Here is the official link lol for InkToBer.

Technically, there is a prompt list for each day of the challenge. Today’s is Swift. Instead, I drew a frog.

The second challenge is called #OctoPoWriMo or “October Poetry Writing Month.” I’ve done this challenge a few times on my other site, Bohemian NERD. That site is more for my poetry and short stories and such. If you want to see my past writings, you can find them HERE

Here is my poem and ink scratching for today:

Things that create joy in me A Poem)

Small space of my own
good progress on a job that holds special meaning
pain free morning
Squeakers, my cat, threading through my legs
being held by my husband

For the month of October, you can find my poetry here, on TinyArt Originals. You can see my ink scratching on my Instagram.

Take care and see you tomorrow!