Color Ribbons

I want to show you some of the ink stains, paint splatters and such without worrying about creating “perfect content.” That’s not my style. This is a space to show you what I do when I am not teaching children. So why not bring on the clowns?

 A small strip of mixed media paper cut and dark blue and yellow watercolor spread across like transparent ribbons. A spot of blue acrylic, opposite end a yellow one. Medium crisscrossed the two edges. Purple ink spots blossom like flowers and separate into layers in drops.


Waited for a few minutes for the paint to begin setting before I took a brush and moved the paint across the paper. I felt that it was too yellow, that it would come out ugly. Most of the paint drop, still attached to the brush, so I had to flatten the bristles to get patches across the paper. The first flowers bloomed as the ink-stained paper and fingers alike.

A close look at the result. Watercolor, acrylic paint and medium do play well together. The brush swirled blue throughout the yellow, blending dangerously close to green. My breath stuck in my throat in the moments before putting the last touches on the paper.


“I take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me.” -Anais Nin

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Rose Ketring

Rose Ketring is an artist and writer who uses a variety of methods--from collage to acrylic to prose--to convey stories and experiences. My process follows into those dark corners to find threads of light. In the absence of meaning, creation continues where words can’t travel.

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