Day 8 Welcome to Week Two

Hey ๐Ÿ™‚

For those doing either/or (both) challenges, congrats on getting through the first week. I have done the October Poetry Challenge before, but it’s still difficult to come up with a “poem” every day. 

I used to do a different poetry form a day, but I seemed to have more time to ponder then. Or I’ve forgotten how hard it is lol. We are working on someone’s railing stripping off the paint and it makes us very dusty and dirty at the end of the day. 

I have drawn a very simple drawing tonight. Just the poem is left. Well, here goes:

Theme: How Could I Know

How could I know how fragile moments are with my cat, waking me up slowly..usually not with a butt in my face

She creeps behind me like a shadow, twirling her tail gently around my leg

How could I know mistakes I made a decade ago could change my right to drive a car, save money, get paid a full wage

She’s ten years old now, legally not her mom or dad’s child anymore

How could I know that living in the same house, caring for my husband’s grandmother could cause anger as well as gratitude and love

We just celebrated our first year of marriage and we are still committed to one another

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Rose Ketring

Rose Ketring is an artist and writer who uses a variety of methods--from collage to acrylic to prose--to convey stories and experiences. My process follows into those dark corners to find threads of light. In the absence of meaning, creation continues where words canโ€™t travel.

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