NaNo Thoughts and Artish Scemes

Hello again, my friends!

Hope your holidays have been (pick an adverb, verb..) Mine was amazingly quiet, strangely so. My husband’s family are known to speak loudly and chase after orange cats..not sit in quiet corners and read. But, we all survived.

It’s my fourth year participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), a month long event where people across the globe put their butts in chairs and write their novels. Traditionally, participants aim for a 50K word count. I’m aiming for 40K because I have won the last three years running and my novels are collecting digital dust.

Because I skipped two days, I spent the day writing all types of words: nonsense, illegible, emotion-laden, word salad. The key to “winning” NaNo is to aim for quantity, not quality of words. Re-reading and checking for typos won’t fill your word count. Word Crawls are a different matter.

The best way I can describe them is by comparing it to an old D&D text based game. The themes vary, including movies (“Labyrinth,” “Alice in Wonderland,” Harry Potter”), Greek mythology (Iliad, Odessey) and various others. The idea is to read through the text and when you come to a directive (sprint x) you do it then continue. Instead of focusing on the huge word count ahead of you, you have one direction after another.

In other words, I am on track for my word goals 🙂


I hope you are enjoying my words. These ones were plucked and matured just for you. Trying to think of the right words is difficult. It’s one of those things that can just fall by the wayside, writing what you want to say. I am very grateful for you, to share this space for a moment. 🙂

I would like to invite you into another space, my newsletter. It’s easy to just write something on the blog and repeat it in a letter. I have never “done easy.” To me, the blog is like being out in the neighborhood having a nice conversation with folks you see day in and day out.

My newsletter is like being welcomed into my house. I tell you what I’ve been up to, perhaps show what I found in my walks. Let you know when exciting things happen. I am happy you came to visit and hope you come again soon.

Take care, my friend. I’ve noticed that a breath, in and out, is often as far as one can see. Not back in time, nor the future. 



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