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Friday Fictioneers: The Humble Castle
Photo by Rachel Bjerke and prompt by Friday Fictioneers:


This morning I found a magical castle hiding behind Highway 2 towards the city. Being a very humble castle, only
(A Couple) Daily Prompt(s): "Two Right Feet" and "Moment in Time"
Disclaimer: I decided to do a two-for-one for my prompts today as Ms. Mi-Grayne was visiting yesterday and I didn't want to seem rude. This morning I woke
Moved to Breathe
Hello! Happy Day Six. If you are doing #OctPoWriMo or #Inktober I just want to let you know that you are wonderous. Keep Going!!

I have both drawing and poem again for you. You can find drawing and
Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Wild Blue Yonder
My submission for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers--feedback always welcome!

Journal Entry #8934
Just yesterday I was sailing--no--"riding the crests that mirror
Our Love Is Like..
Snaking a toilet
Unclogging the "snot" makes everything flush much faster
Cheap plastic poncho
Soggy pages will eventually dry into memories never forgotten
Psychotic black and white cat
Turning to
The Rose of Sharon
A flaxen haired, grinning girl perches among the robins and crows. She peers into the mist waiting for me. The girl is my Other, materialized from lifetimes ago.  Her name is Sharon, meaning "plain."

I Have One Line. Where will it go?
Recently, I stopped doing daily writing because blocks have hit me, especially Perfection and Judgement. So here I am, playing over at "First Line Friday" over at Mindlovemisery today.