Clarity in Art Process?

I know what I want to say, but I feel like I can’t do it in a succinct manner. Who may be reading this? How am I being portrayed to an audience I have yet to “identify?” I come to a decision: I will write what I want to share with you. A realization about my art, a note about me.

Recently, I became curious about who I am apart from my past, illness and stress. When it was simply sensation with short visitations by emotions, I communicated with color. My art took form in collages, abstracts, bright colors. Backgrounds, as if that was where I was picking shards of past out of each breath. 

From color and movement arise form. Meditative lines and shadows. Line contains color and images form. Over and over again I draw women in particular without really knowing why. But I am curious about who I am, finally.

The next gallery on TinyArt Originals will feature a collection of paintings from the time spent communicating with movement and color. Each reflect memory, perception and struggle as they pass through my mind. It is my hope that by curating these pieces that we find commonality between us, dear Reader.