Week Two, Day Two: When Weather Reminds Me That I’m Not 21

Hey and hi πŸ™‚

I’ve noticed this year that I have been feeling a lot of Resistance to writing every day and not just for the poetry challenge. For every thing. Not enough to create stories or even notes via microphone, but almost there. 

I’ve been avoiding working at the high school because I get very little of my check after child support has taken its share. So I’ve been spending my days either doing art or working my fingers off trying to get several layers of paint off an old metal railing. Working fingers into mitts hasn’t paid yet, getting a reduced paycheck is better than nothing. So back I go…as soon as tomorrow perhaps.

I’m afraid of getting so stressed and worried and exhausted that I am getting stressed, etc. So I will jump back in at least a few days a week meaning that the drawings and “poetry” writings will still be on the fly πŸ™‚ Thank you for taking a moment with me. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram for the latest ink drawing.

I often dream of journeys within factories. Figure it is because I breathe painting and ink drawing.

I recognize dreams when they come back after they have been out of play for some time. Recognition gives me strength, even when the Muppets are chasing me. 

There they all are: Gonzo, Kermit and even Fozzie. Not sure what has angered them, but they like hornets. No matter where I hide, not even underwater, can I shake them. 

But then Fozzie tells a joke and he laughs, Woka Woka! One by one the Muppets walk away until it is just me and Gonzo. I ask him, “Will everything be all right?”

He gives me a sloppy nose kiss and says, “See you again soon.”

Featured image courtesy of Andre Mendonca

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Rose Ketring

Rose Ketring is an artist and writer who uses a variety of methods--from collage to acrylic to prose--to convey stories and experiences. My process follows into those dark corners to find threads of light. In the absence of meaning, creation continues where words can’t travel.

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